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From our dusty garages and shoe-box home offices, we have managed to pull together with some string, sticky tape and our massive brains a vision for transforming the outdated, time-wasting procurement process. Our challenge is now to build this dream into a business. Why don’t you come along for the ride, if nothing else there will be pizza!

The average hours spent responding to a single RFP.
Additional profit each RFP-born project must generate to break-even.
Generally the percentage chance of winning the RFP (sources suggest this could be as low as 2%).
The buyer already has their preferred supplier in mind.
Of requirements you already have completed but you need to find the latest version.

At Pulse Marketplace we want to transform the current long-winded, time-wasting buying and selling procurement process. Our vision is to build an exciting, intuitive platform to introduce, connect, discover, engage, and benefit from working far more efficiently with each another.

Outrageous savings

By delivering process and template standardisation, a golden copy tender asset repository, instant vendor matching, and many more features, the marketplace saves significant costs for all participants.

Intuitive/User friendly

Our obsession is to make the marketplace a fantastic user experience. Easy to use, very intuitive and we create a reason for users to come back every day.

Time savings

Our efficient processes, standardisation and re-usability of tender assets, significantly reduces the end to end elapsed timescales. Resources are freed up to add additional value to your business. 


Sustainability is core to our business. We want to help drive our members to be good citizens to their employees, communities and to the environment we all share. 

A simple, seamless and enjoyable process to buy and sell services

We make doing business simple, seamless and enjoyable. It’s what gets us motivated every day. We enjoy the interactions of people, the excitement of new business opportunities and building long-term sustainable relationships.

Transform inefficiencies in procuring services

In our experiences past and present we have seen firsthand the difficulties and inefficiencies in procuring and selling services. That’s why we want to transform the process and build an exciting new way to connect, discover, engage, and benefit from working with each another. We strive to make it intuitive, simplespeedy and an effective way to do business within a resilient and secure infrastructure.  

Building trusted relationships, communities and support

Deep down Pulse marketplace is about relationships, community, participation, support. Building a platform that delivers more insight, thought leadership and relevant information about your buying and selling activities in the B2B space 

We are enablers, giving back freedom, time and removing stress from existing business processes. Our purpose is to help everyone do business more effectively, efficiently and ultimately do more business, whilst building a system and tools that put a smile back on your clients and colleagues faces.


Michael OShea
Founder/Chief Product Officer
John Dowdall
Founder/Chief Revenue Officer
John Ellis
Founder/Chief Executive Officer
David Lewis
Adviser/Marketing Director

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Dublin, Ireland

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